1956 premiere switches


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1956 premiere switches

Hi all,, I hope this is the right place to ask questions? I have a 56 premiere 2 dr coupe. I had to remove the entire dash to access the wiring harness, as it had wires that were melted running through it from the light switch back over to the passenger side. There was no way to do it right without taking the whole thing apart.
Its at this time when the questions start,,like what in the world is that switch for? Unlike any other car, this one has switches placed all over, inlcuding on the column, and under the dash. So far, I have traced the under dash switch to a add-on airconditioner. I have this removed simply because it was a original dealer looking add-on that had seen better days. The compressor alone must weigh as much as an anchor! I am hoping someone has a picture that shows what switch does what on the entire dash. Mine has a push button that operates something vacuuum, with a blue indicator light above it over on the left lower side of the dash, I thought it was a windshield washer,,but could be wrong. I know the car has the optional bumper mounted driving lights, so I need to know how those were controlled.
Any help with this will be greatly appreciatted! Thank you ! Victor

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Re: 1956 premiere switches

Sorry Victor, but I do not have a 56 wiring diagram to help you out.

The switch with the button is PROBABLY the windshield wiper switch with the button used to operate the vacuum washer.The other switches might be for the heater fan, power antenna, rear speaker control switch and of course the headlight switch.


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