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LINCOLN COSMOPOLITAN SERIES 9EH 1949, OEH 1950, 2EH 1951, 2H 1952, 8H 1953, 1954 DISCUSSION
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Front Seat in 4Dr

Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:31 am

I am in the process of removing the interior and getting ready to do some floor panel replacement. In looking at what is on the floor now (further back), there are the four brackets where the clevis pins from the front seat go, that hold the seat to the floor. The electric/hydraulic seat only moves about 2 inches as far as I can tell. Everyone must have been pretty short in 1949, as even when the seat is in the furthest back position, my chest is way too close to the steering wheel.

I am considering moving those four brackets about 2 inches further aft. It will be a chore, particularly since the hole where the hydraulic connection goes through the floor to the hydraulic line below, and that hole is RAISED about 1/4 inch above the rest of the floor panel. Also, the front brackets, if moved aft, will impact a cross section of the floor panel that is also slightly raised. I imagine anything can be done, but I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem and if so, how did you fix it?


Re: Front Seat in 4Dr

Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:16 am


Hi Steve,
There are tons of Seat Frame Adaptors available for later model cars, but nothing specific for our 1949's. :)

Check with the aftermarket retailers such as J.C. Whitney and let us know what you find.
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