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1940 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible Coupe

1940 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible Coupe
Chassis no. H104842
Introduced in late 1935 as a 1936 model, the original Lincoln-Zephyr combined the aerodynamic efficiency of streamlined styling with an early form of unit body construction that reduced weight while enhancing rigidity. A style leader from the beginning, the original Zephyr featured a tall, prow-like grille for its first two years. A new face appeared on the 1938 Zephyr, featuring a low-mounted, horizontal grille that would have a tremendous influence on automotive designers everywhere—by 1940 many American cars were frankly copying the late ’30s Zephyr frontal ensemble.

The 1940 model year was a transitional year for Lincoln, as the new and very exclusive Continental, based on the Zephyr chassis, went into production just as the last of the huge Lincoln Model Ks super-luxury cars were delivered. Meanwhile, the 1940 Lincoln-Zephyr was a clean, beautifully detailed car that appeared to have evolved from the 1939 models. But it was in fact an essentially all-new car.

The new second generation Zephyr continued the basic frontal design pioneered on the ’38, although the low grille was larger and the headlamps mounted in the fenders were the new sealed-beams that were being adopted industry-wide in 1940. At the rear, the dramatic taper of earlier Zephyr bodies was replaced by a fuller design that allowed wider rear seating and added luggage room.

An L-head (or ‘flathead’) V-12 continued to power the 1940 Zephyr. Displacement, however, was upped to 292 cubic inches and maximum horsepower was now 120, at 3,500 rpm. The rugged Zephyr 3-speed manual transmission (which would become a legend among hot rodders of a later generation) was now shifted via a steering column-mounted lever. Instrumentation was new, as well, with most instruments placed directly in the driver’s vision...instead of in the center-mounted clusters found in earlier models.

The original Zephyr of 1936-1937 had not been offered in open models. During 1938 and 1939, though, both Convertible Coupe and Convertible Sedans were offered. Although attractive, they were obviously built from modified closed bodies. The 1940 Convertible Coupe, then, was the first Lincoln-Zephyr that looked like it had been designed as an open car. It also featured an interior with more room, especially in the rear seat area and was now designated a six-passenger model. The massive convertible top was power-operated for the first. Standard rear-wheel shields – aka ‘skirts’ – added to the Zephyr’s smooth lines.

Among the 10 Zephyr regular-production body styles offered for 1940, the Convertible Coupe, with its factory list price of $1,770, was the most expensive. Built on the standard Zephyr 125-inch wheelbase, it was both sized and priced as an alternate to convertibles offered the 1940 Packard 160 and Cadillac Series 62 convertibles – although both of those cars were powered by eight-cylinder engines.

Only 700 Lincoln-Zephyr Convertible Coupes were built for 1940, of which the outstanding and nicely restored example offered here is one. Showing little use since restoration and finished in a beautiful color that highlights its chrome accents, it would be a fine addition to any collection.

Offered without reserve

Sold for $64,350 inclusive of Buyer's Premium

John "Old School" Dancy, Primos, Pennsylvania, US
"They're only factory original once."
"All of this is assuming that everything else in the system is stock and well maintained."
"Expearence is the abillity to reconise a misteak befor you mak it agan."
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