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1938 Lincoln Model K Convertible Victoria K9002

1938 Lincoln Model K Convertible Victoria
Coachwork by Brunn & Co.
$300,000 - $350,000
414 CID L-Head 67° V-12 Engine
Stromberg Downdraft Carburetor
150 BHP at 3,800 RPM
3-Speed Manual Gearbox
4-Wheel Vacuum-Assisted Drum Brakes
Independent Front Suspension
Live Rear Axle with Semi-Elliptical Springs
This Car
The dashing Lincoln presented here is one of the limited number of 1938 Model Ks that originally received full custom coachwork.

Late in 1937, Brunn received a special order for a Convertible Victoria to be built on a Model K. In October 1937, K9002 was shipped by boat to the Brunn workshop in Buffalo. Upon its arrival in November, this one-of-a-kind body was con- structed for a very specific customer.

On the whole, the handsome Victoria is certainly among the more mature examples of automotive streamlining. Built atop the extended 145" wheelbase chassis – a full nine inches longer than the standard Model K – this body is beautifully proportioned and masterfully integrates a variety of unusual details that speak to the era’s fascination with aerodynamic forms.

For example, the standard running boards are removed in favor of abbreviated teardrop-shaped step plates; the rear fenders are fully skirted; the windshield is notably vee’d and the curved rear quarter windows are fully retractable. The latter feature represents the first instance of the chrome-edged convertible quarter windows in an automobile body and the clever design was later incorporated on Brunn’s short-wheelbase style 408 Victoria, of which only eight were constructed for the 1938 model year.

Other significant features include hinged covers that drop over the window channels when the glass is stowed, a fold-down rear armrest, beautiful interior woodwork, swing-out brackets for a rear trunk, a radio, a heater and a particularly attractive steering wheel with a wonderful tactile quality.

In typical Brunn fashion, the doors are exceptionally long – five feet in fact – giving passengers remarkable ease of access, and the overall construction quality is of the highest order.

In 1938, the magnificent Lincoln was delivered to William E. Weiss of Wheeling, West Virginia. By the time Mr. Weiss purchased his custom-built Lincoln, he had formed an impressive business empire. Not only was he the president of Sterling Drug Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of proprietary remedies, he founded American Home Products Company and served as the director of the American I.G. Chemical Corp.

After Mr. Weiss passed away in 1942, his Model K passed through several East Coast collections. During the late 1970s, Ernest Stern of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, acquired the Brunn Cabriolet and soon undertook a restoration. The tremendous quality and craftsmanship of his work is evident, as the car has not required major attention other than paint and interior work.

Enamored with its history and splendid appearance, Mr. Stern retained the Lincoln until his passing in 1996, whereupon the car was sold to Don Williams of the Blackhawk Collection. For a brief period, the Lincoln resided in the collection of Joe Hayes, a noted Chicago enthusiast, before joining Roger Willbanks in Colorado.

During Mr. Willbanks’ ownership, the Lincoln was displayed at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and earned a First in Class at the 2007 Rocky Mountain Concours d’Elegance held on the grounds of the historic Broadmoor Hotel. In addition to these concours successes, the Model K participated on a 1,000-mile CCCA CARavan and earned its National First Prize Badge, number 2152.

As recently as June 2011, the Lincoln took part in the CCCA Experience at Hickory Corners, where it was driven on a local tour and displayed in the concours. Still very presentable, the Brunn Victoria would be a suitable entry for any number of shows and marque gatherings.

With its fascinating provenance, exotic deco styling and concours pedigree, this coachbuilt luxury car is sure to impress the most discerning collector of American classics. It is a rare occur- rence when a coachbuilt Lincoln K appears for sale, let alone an example as exciting as this one-off Brunn Convertible Victoria.
John "Old School" Dancy, Primos, Pennsylvania, US
"They're only factory original once."
"All of this is assuming that everything else in the system is stock and well maintained."
"Expearence is the abillity to reconise a misteak befor you mak it agan."
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