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1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV Bugazzi

1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV Bugazzi

460 CI




$75,000 - $90,000

HIGH BID: $26,000.00

•1 of 12 designed and built by Hollywood Coach Builders in the 1970s
•Custom paint by Art Himsl Paint Studio in Concord, California
•Front and rear fenders extended
•Chromed front and rear bumperettes
•Hand-built grille with grille housing extended
•1939 Buick turn signal
•Custom headlights
•Custom tail lights with 1939 Buick fender lights
•Original fiberglass roof cap refinished with padded vinyl top
•460 CI Ford engine
•C6 transmission
•Rebuilt carburetor and distributor
•Heads rebuilt with all new gaskets
•New belts and hoses
•New 3 inch dual exhaust system
•Lowered front and rear
•Transmission inspected and serviced
•PPG blend of Gold Pearl clear with Ice Pearl added
•Special blending, shading and pinstriping
•Hand-painted graphic on trunk lid
•Arc Audio sound system
•Gas tank drained and sealed
•15 inch wire wheels with bullet caps
•Coker Whitewall tires
•Award winner at Grand National Roadster Show and Blackie's Invitational
•Believed to be 60,000 original miles
•New master cylinder, brakes, windshield, rubber and weather stripping
•Period telephone

Frank Sinatra owned one; so did Ole Blue Eyes’ fellow Rat Packers Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. All were mesmerized by the decidedly baroque qualities of the wild Bugazzi custom luxury ride based on Lincoln’s massive 1973 Mark IV Town Car. Another more notorious character associated with the Bugazzi was one Joe Conforte, the infamous proprietor of the Mustang Ranch and other Nevada houses of ill repute, and the original owner of the example presented here. One of 12 built by George Barris’ California Coach Builders in Hollywood, it originally cost an astounding $29,000 in 1973, when a stock Town Car listed at $8,460 and a Rolls Royce listed at $19,700. As if Barris’ original was not far enough out there, Danville, California, resident David Pygeorge—with the permission of Joe (Candy Apple Red) Bailon who built the first two Bugazzis and George Barris, himself—added his own touches to the Harry Bentley Bradley Design while restoring the car in 2010. He extended the front fenders by 8 inches and the rear by 6 inches, extended the front-grille housing and refinished the original fiberglass roof cap with a padded vinyl covering. He also lowered it by 6 inches and commissioned Art Himsl Paint Studio in Concord, California, to lay down the fabulous paint job, a special PPG blend of Gold Pearl clear with Ice Pearl, light tan pinstriping and a hand-painted graphic on the spare-tire cover fabricated from two Lincoln Continental decklids. The interior is even bolder, a cacophony of colors and textures ranging from peanut-butter leather and gold brocade to color-coordinated granite inserts for the armrests and full-length center console; there’s even the original Nevada Bell rotary-dial car phone and an Arc Audio sound system. This Bugazzi has also been well maintained. Powered by a 460 CI V-8, it features rebuilt heads, carburetor and distributor; new gaskets, belts and hoses; a new 3-inch dual-exhaust system; and a full inspection and servicing to the C6 automatic transmission. Riding on Coker whitewall tires on 15-inch wire wheels with bullet caps, it features a new master cylinder, new brakes and even a new windshield. Previously featured at the Blackhawk Museum in Danville, California, and an award winner at the Grand National Roadster Show and Blackie's Invitational, this incredible machine show a believed-correct 60,000 original miles and is ready to carry the ‘70s banner forward into the 21st century.