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air bags

I purchased a 1984 Continental with 15,000 miles on it. It now has 18,000 Great car but I am having issues with air bag system. Please bare with me as I explain. When I shut off the car the air bag on the drivers front will go down. When I start the car back up it pumps up. If I shut off the car and then start again or turn on ignition switch and turn off right away the air bag will stay pumped up over night or for days.
When I drive the car the system will gradually go down. It seems to me that is it not the air bag that is leaking as much as a valve that is not shutting off unless it turn the key on and off again.
Anyone have any ideas.
I am reading about conversion kits getting rid of the system all together. Is that hard to do?
I have not taken it to a Lincoln dealer yet. Can only imagine what they might charge to fix it.
Hope someone has some insight.

Jon Greene
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Re: air bags

One or two of the front air springs has a fold leak.
It's similar to having a flat spot on a tire and is easily corrected by replacing the rubber product with a rubber product.
If this only happens when loaded, then the leak is only fully exposed when the air spring is in this loaded position.

These Lincoln Continentals were not designed for steel springs.

Let me know how you'd like to proceed and I'll walk you through the simple process.
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